Kris Humphries Makes A Great Fit for LA

With the news of 1 of the biggest tradeable players finally in a Los Angeles locker room, unrestricted free agents can now breathe a small sigh of relief and wait by their phones. Chris Paul in a Clippers jersey is a move that none of us, except Clippers fans, really wanted to see. However, that was a decent short term move for them. Along with Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and the fresh-off-injury Caron Butler, Chris Paul is gonna bring some rejuvenated excitement to that other LA team.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have now lost Lamar Odom (Dallas) and Shannon Brown (Phoenix), and added 3-point machine Jason Kapono and front court swingman Josh McRoberts. I liked the acquisition of McRoberts, because physically he’s similar to L.O. The great upside is his youth. With the only other inside presence injured (Derrick Caracter), the Lakers’ front court is looking very vulnerable. The best big man available for the Lakers is Kris Humphries.

LA is the city of 2nd chances...just ask your ex brother-in-law

Now  before you scrunch your face up like somebody just pooted in your car with the heat on, let’s look at Kris Humphries’ stats from last season — he averaged his 1st career double-double in points and rebounds as a NJ Nets. Although he was a non factor in the 2007 and 2008 playoffs, he had his best year while he was dating Kim Kardashian*! Even though that relationship has gone south, Kris is now used to the limelight. He has a little star power behind him now and I feel like LA is the perfect market for him to re-mold his image a little.

The reality of the Lakers situation is Kobe Bryant is pissed! The Lakers front office shipped out 2 major members of his supporting cast to conference rivals. A pissed off Kobe Bryant will undoubtedly lead to him putting up numbers we saw him do 5 years ago; even at the veteran age of 33. And if Bynum goes out with his perennial knee problems, a guy like “The Hump” will nicely contribute 10 pts a night and pound the boards.

Bottom line, the Lakers should at least offer Kris Humphries a 2 year contract and give him a shot. Hey, if Joel Anthony can make $3 million on the Heat, Kris deserves that much from LA. Based on available guys, they can’t do any worst.

* Over on 1 of my favorite blogs, Ashy 2 Classy, there’s a post about the magic wonderland that is Kardashian kooch…great read


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