5 Christmas Gifts For The Man In Your Life

If your man is anything like me, he’s very tough to shop for because he’s the guy that has everything. Maybe he has a unique sense of style or maybe he’s the type that buys something he really likes when he sees it, as opposed to waiting for it to go on sale.

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Rather you 2 just started dating or you’ve been married for 10 years, here’s 5 very simple yet efficient gifts that will have your man feeling the love on Christmas morning

1) A Watch: Now if you’ve been following my blog since day 1 or follow my Tumblr, you know that I’m a huge watch fanatic. I feel like a great watch is the type of accessory that’ll really tie an otherwise dull outfit together. I did a post back in the beginning of fall, featuring 2 watches that compliment the day to night style.  But now that it’s winter, you should want your man to have a classy watch to match his winter wardrobe. I recommend this Hugo Boss chronograph piece

Cop it from Macys for $395.00

2) Sports Tickets: Now that NBA is back, guys rejoice everywhere! While it’s all good for women to pretend they like sports to spend quality time with their man, sometimes you just gotta let him have his “me” time. Fortunately, basketball is an easy sport to follow. For the most part, you’ll know 50% of the players on the floor of any given game. That being said, surprise your boo with a pair of tickets when his favorite team is in town. I’d recommend using StubHub.com. You can get great seats for about the cost of a ritzy hotel room.

3) Sexy photo shoot: Men are visual by nature. Sure we’d love to stare at Stacey Dash and Emanuelle Chriqui’s side boob, but what’s better than looking at side boob you can actually touch??? Depending on where you live, you can find a quality, trustworthy photographer that’ll be more than happy to help deliver some sexy holiday-themed images for your man. Why not pull a Kim Kardashian and do a full calendar? Both of ya’ll will win in the long run; just ask Reggie

4) The perfect clippers: Winter time is forever known as “beard season”. It’s brick up here and most of us need to keep a little scruff about the face. But that doesn’t mean it has to be unruly. Even if you’re a woman who isn’t into the Rick Ross pile, your guy should be able to keep his face mane well-groomed. I’m extremely fickle about clippers because my skin is sensitive. But I’d highly recommend the newest Braun Cruzer 6 — on Amazon now for$44.99

5) A surprise getaway: 1 of the toughest things about Christmas is that it falls between 2 other major holidays. Thanksgiving is all about family and friends, while Valentine’s Day is just for the couples. Now, compound that with your mate being a Sagittarius or Capricorn and your bank account will be looking might lonely come February 28th. A great way to avoid that is to plan a surprise trip for the 2 of you. You can take your man out for quiet time to the remote wildnerness or you can take him on a weekend cruise to the islands. I especially recommend this if you’re a couple that doesn’t have any kids. Gotta enjoy that free time and luxuriating while you can.

It’s now officially grind time to find the perfect gift. Plus with many people on fixed incomes, you may not be able to splurge as previous years. Be creative and think about giving your man a gift that will make him feel like he’s appreciated.


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