Stephen A. Smith’s Rant About Lebron

You ever watch your son, who has so much potential be brilliantly epic at a skill, give up at the very last second? His mind tells him he’s already defeated, so his body follows suit. Lee-bron James is a perfect example of that. This guy is an athlete that will stand among the basketball greats of Jordan, Bird, and Kobe. But sometimes, he lets his mind dictate his heart. After 8 years and still ringless (with multiple opportunities to get 1), Stephen A. Smith had a Samuel L. Jackson-esque moment this morning on ESPN’s First Take

Smith is 1 of my favorite sports analysts because he keeps it real and he says what we all say in the confines of the barbershop on a Friday after work. But at the same time, as an employed, respected journalist you have to be constantly aware of your audience. Saying the N word will probably cost him a few thousand and he may be forced to apologize for saying it on-air. But it’s funny to me how he just slid it in there LOL Underachieving players will bring that type of frustration out of you. And the season hasn’t even begun yet…sheesh


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