End Zone Dances Are Permissible, Until It Gets Real

I’m gonna need Bills WR Stevie Johnson to um…have a \_

Regardless of the idiocy of said mocked Plaxico Burress action, I thought this end zone celebration was just tasteless. And coming from a Buffalo Bills player? Nah, Stevie must chill!

But after I saw this, it got to me thinking about how NFL rules have gone over the top with putting a “restriction” on after the play celebrations. I mean isn’t that what watching a great football game is about? According to a 2006 ruling, “using a prop, especially the football, in a celebratory dance will result in a 15 yard penalty to be applied during the following kickoff”. So let me get this straight, a guy like Devin Hester (who’s making his career off punt returns) isn’t allowed to do 3 somersaults to celebrate? Yet it’s okay for Green Bay to continue to do the Lambeau leap because of a technicality? -_-

I remember as a kid, watching Deion Sanders drop some moves in the end zone was a personal highlight of mine. Prime Time played with a level of style and genuinely engagement that the NFL is successfully hindering.

Having a memorable touchdown dance is how some fans recall the touchdown ever occurred. In this day and time, footage of a rookie’s 1st touchdown dance will be on the web before the game is even over with. Majority of the time, the dances are honestly spontaneous and orchestrated by the player’s favorite song. Other times they’re emulating 1 of their favorite players, like Cam Newton executed the signature Prime Time dance. I’m in support of good-natured fun. Yet when you’re purposely mocking an opponent, it sucks the entertainment value out of the celebration. And it just makes you look like an a$$hole especially when your team loses…again

Do you think Stevie Johnson’s jab was over the top? Should taunting your opponents in the end zone be fair game?

For your Monday am viewing pleasure, some hilarious touchdown celebrations

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