Can Jordy Nelson Be Considered Elite Now?

As much as I’ve tried, I can’t find anything bad to say about the defending champs, Green Bay Packers. Like I said in my Dean’s List post, they are doing all the right things; maybe even far better than we’d expect. Although the 1 guy who isn’t getting enough respect in that offense is Jordy Nelson.

A-Rod is at such an advantage over other QBs in the league. He has at least 4 different options to throw to on any given play. Donald Driver, Jermichael Finley, and Greg Jennings have all seen significant touches. James Starks and James Jones also offer up variety in short yardage. But nobody on that team is more underrated than Jordy Nelson.

Nelson has had some great plays this season, such as the 93 yard TD against the Rams. And there was also him scoring the 1st Packers TD during the XLV Superbowl. Nelson is quietly sharing the league’s 3rd overall spot in touchdowns with 9, with teammate WR Greg Jennings. So why aren’t people show Jordy Nelson more love?

Last week on ESPN’s First Take, the guys debated whether Nelson’s race had anything to do with him being such an exceptionally slept on talent. Nelson made comments himself, alluding that the media and his peers don’t see him as a threat because he’s a white WR. I can honestly say that, even though I hate race come into every single debate, I’m incline to agree with this poppycock.

Let’s face it, some of the best WRs in the history of the game were black. Some of the fastest WRs currently playing are black. However, the fact that Jordy Nelson is a white WR has helped him and the Packers immensely. For starters most CB and team secondaries aren’t focused on covering Nelson; even though he’s just as fast running the outside as Jennings and Finley. A general perception in football (and basketball which I’ll discuss this week) is that white athletes are better suited in other positions. People don’t expect white athletes to be agile, flexible, and have the speed required to play the positions of WR and TE. We’ve seen all year how Jordy Nelson has gotten out past coverage. For at least 6 of his 9 TDs, there was significant spacing which allowed him an open run (thanks to A-Rod crazy skills to put the ball in the right place). So it’s plain to see that other teams are underestimating him as an offensive threat.

About as open as a WR can be

Jordy Nelson is definitely the exception to the rule. He has such an upside in the Packers offense because A-Rod loves to throw deep. With the soft schedule that the Packers have, he’s on pace to set a new benchmark of career touchdowns. Either way, after this season, it’ll be hard to not consider Jordy Nelson among the top 15 WRs in the league today.


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