The Problem In Philadelphia

3-6? What is we gonnnnn do?

We saw it with the Heat last year, we’re now seeing it with the Eagles this year. Picking up some “key” players left and right in the offseason lead the people of Philadelphia to get excited about their team. These big moves even had sports writers talking early about the prospects of a too-close-to-call NFC East. But alas, the Eagles have fallen to their knees in front of all naysayers. They have 1 of the best QBs in the game. They have a solid running game with Lesean McCoy. And they have a great tandem of WRs in Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. So what is Philly’s problem?

For starters, they don’t have just 1

1) The offensive line doesn’t care about Michael Vick: In simple terms, an elite QB is kinda ineffective if he’s not well protected during possessions. Vick has been sacked 13 times. A few of those sacks translated into costly fumbles, in favor of the opponent. If you don’t give your QB ample time to either find an open target or make space for a short run gain, you’re not giving him much to work with. Add that to Vick’s propensity to get injured and you’re left with multiple 4th quarter collapses

2) DeSean Jackson’s disappearing act: I wanna feel sorry for the guy because we all can agree that he’s getting a raw deal in Philly. But on the other end, he missed a team meeting this week and consequently got benched. He missed 2 critical catches last week against the Bears. His numbers are wayyyy down from such a stellar 2010 season. Like I said, because the O line isn’t protecting Vick, he’s not getting much time to find Jackson down the field. It’s also worth noting that Vick isn’t looking to throw deep at the same frequency as Jackson is used to. TE Brent Celek has picked up much of Jackson’s looks with short passes. Jackson is 1 of the fastest WRs in the league. Yet if he doesn’t put his mind on the field in the next few games, he’ll find himself in a hole that won’t be easy to climb out of.

3) Andy Reid must go!: This is a classic example of a coach that’s overly involved in recruiting, but at the expense of his team. DeSean Jackson isn’t getting paid the money he deserves because of Andy Reid. Vick became a $100 million man for the Eagles, which left very little money to spend on a line to protect him because of Andy Reid. Juan Castillo made the dumbest lateral by going from the O-line coach to the defensive coordinator. How the f(_)ck can you expect your D to be strong when they’re being coached by a guy who’s specialty is on the other end of the ball???? I just…ughh

In Fox Sunday’s OT show, Michael Strahan said something about this Eagles squad that I wholeheartedly agree with — when you look at the Eagles players as individuals, you think to yourself “there’s no way these guys can’t win together”. The squad looks solid on paper. But clearly, just because a set of players are great on their own doesn’t mean they’ll be great together.


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