What’s Your Digital Legacy?

I’m still buggin over the loss of rapper/actor/producer Heavy D. It’s truly crazy to see someone tweeting and connecting with fans 1 day and literally gone the next. Hev’s last tweet was simple but exemplified the life that he’s always lead

A powerful message Hev left us

Out of all the hip hop stars that are on Twitter, Hev was 1 of the few who spread organic positivity and motivated his loyal followers to do better and be better. I admired his absence from the music scene, as he dedicated his time to being a father to a 13 year old. His peers, Ed Lover, Q-Tip, and Diddy especially, all expressed the heartfelt loss of their friend, brother, and mentor. Had it not been for Hev, none of us would probably know who Puff Daddy was. Shows like In Living Color and Living Single are parts of Hev’s illustrious career as an artist and actor. As recent as a few weeks ago, Hev starred on an episode and Law and Order: SVU. He also has a cameo in Tower Heist, which I’ll go see just out of sheer support.

The shell-shocking death of Hev got me thinking about the digital artifacts we all leave behind. Tweets get filed and archived into the Library of Congress. So literally anything you say (especially if it gets RT’d) can be found and scrutinized years from now.

Even though I’m still new to Twitter, I hope that Heavy D’s digital imprint will make people consider what they tweet at any given time. Perhaps we should spend more time tweeting positive and empowering messages, instead of “beefin” or slandering people we’ve never even met. Maybe as a goal, we should commit to ending each night with something personal and reflective on our social networking space. Some people say “it’s just Twitter, it’s not that serious” and I agree with that.

But the unique thing about Twitter is that it’s your words. It’d be such fitting justice to your legacy that your last words to a microcosm of the world be something that represents a great part of you



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