The League: A Guys’ Show You Should Be Watching

Admittedly, I’m the proud recipient of a late pass on this show. I randomly found it on Sunday afternoon after a few good games went off. FX has a reputation of launching original shows with solid acting talent. So when I stumbled on The League, I was immediately diggin it.

It’s a show, that at its face value, is about a group of friends, battling it out weekly in a fantasy football league. But the writing creatively weaves general situations into the football theme. The episode I watched was the start of Season 2, where the guys take the draft on the road and Chad Ochocino is hosting.

Chad Ochocino hosts The League at the MGM

This is 1 of the shows where you really have to specific type of humor to get into it. I went back and found Season 1 and I gotta say, it’s something most guy would want to watch regularly. It’s sarcasm, wrapped in satire, with some slapstick, college humor. The series is actually produced and directed by 1 of the alum of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld. So if you like those shows, this is right up your alley.

The only thing I hate about the jokes is they take way too many shots about penis and balls. The average group of guys don’t spend that much time making wack homosexual jokes to one another. If I were at a sports bar and overheard these dudes joking the way they do on the show, I would automatically think they were closet homos themselves.

I digress. Face it, since the exit of Entourage, there’s not many shows that are targeted for guys exclusively. The League is in a great time slot for primetime Thursdays. So give it a shot next time you’re channel-surfing.



  1. Glad you got into the show! I got into the show because of Fantasy Football actually back when it first came out. The show has gradually shifted from that however, fantasy football becoming “part of the background”, so to speak. Though, I understand it completely as there is only so much humor you can derive from it.

    Regardless, it’s a great show.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah the show is a really a hit or miss, depending on the back story set up…and I think that’s why it’s not more widely popular…but the way it’s progressed, I think it’ll last for awhile…plus FX is a great network for it

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