Don’t Let Baggage Be Your Anchor

I was going to write a specific blog post for today. But emotionally I’m not ready to go there. I did however have a conversation with a friend about how past buggage ruins the present journey when it comes to relationships. Here’s a great clip of advice from a few relationship “experts”

Shout to Marcus Foy, getting his IMDB credit on

The best piece of advice that I would’ve given a standing ovation to from the panel was “Take your armor, go slow, but have faith in love”. It’s so many people around here mad at the world because 1 person did them wrong. Guess what, you self-centered bastid?! We’ve all been there! The weight of your hurt or the manner in which it was delivered doesn’t outweigh the next person’s. How you handle that pain and recover is what makes you a better candidate for long term love is though.

The 1 thing that single people are the most bitter yet oblivious to is they waste their time with the wrong people. This habit continues sometimes well into their 30s and 40s. But for the sake of you living out the American dream of a house in the suburbs and a strong marriage, you have to know when to say enough is enough. You gotta decide that the shackles will come off when you decide they come off. You can’t be a slave to your irrational feelings and emotions. If you’re a 30something year old, reasonably attractive, gainfully employed, with a clean criminal record, you cannot lug your baggage around like you’re stranded in the middle of a snowstorm and nobody’s answering their phone!

It’s hard to let go of that emotional baggage. It’s hard to really look at yourself and say out loud “I’m the reason why I’m single”. Trust me, I was in that vantage point almost 3 years ago myself. It’s like you’re on a roller coaster with no off switch. But it’s imperative to humble yourself before someone can love you. You can’t drift from relationship to relationship carrying that chip on your shoulder. So what your last boyfriend cheated! So what your child’s mother ain’t sh!t! So effin what the guy you loved married another broad that’s not on your level. Face the fact that IT WASN’T YOUR TIME!

The time you’ll find the person you’re supposed to be with is when you admit that you’re flawed and own that. Some people need intense therapy to get to that point. For others, they eventually wake up 1 day and have an “aha” moment. How ever it comes for you, know that that’s the 1st step to finding the person that will compliment your picture-perfect piece of happiness.

Did you agree with the video? Do you feel that people are too quick to jump into new relationships? How did you finally get over your baggage?

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