Could You Turn A Blind Eye?

I won’t copy/paste the statistics on domestic violence. There’s a multitude of sites you can visit if you want to educate yourself. But I do want to speak on how frequently we as a society are mute on the subject on violence against women.

Growing up, it wasn’t abnormal for me to hear couples around us go at it then make up hours later like Tom and Jerry. Walls are thin in the projects. In my own family, I remember a female family member pulling a meat cleaver out on her “partner” during a holiday dinner. I vividly recall my father telling me and my brother to turn our heads and mind our business while all of that was going on in the next room. Later that night, my dad told my mom couldn’t stand being around “the shenanigans” anymore. He did nothing to stop them though.

That’s just 1 example that I’m sure many people, especially men, can find themselves being admittedly oblivious. I’ve made the excuse myself of “hey it’s not business” or “I’m not getting my ass shot for some chick”. All of those excuses may be warranted, but that doesn’t make them right.

I’m not saying decide to become Bruce Banner and think your conscience is your sword. But you shouldn’t condone behavior you yourself wouldn’t accept. Sometimes we ignore the signs of a domestic situation in our midst that we know is highly volatile.  Truthfully, it doesn’t even have to extend to the stranger on the street or the neighbor you refuse to make eye contact with in the elevator. In many families, a sister/cousin/aunt/niece is suffering in silence because we chose to mind our business. It’s a more (moray) in any community to stick to the old ways of thinking “not my house, not my problem”. Yet that apathetic disregard has cost many women their lives, in addition to destroying families.

In today’s world, boys are growing into males with no conscience. They feel like in order to get that respect they have to walk around on level 10 with their ass on their shoulders. They act like hooligans because nobody checks them early on in life. They get into relationships and think that “submission” means intimidation and normalizing abuse. And we as the functioning society who know better don’t encourage them to do better.

So while it might not be “your business”, think about the next time a dude raises his hand to your sister or aunt or even your mother in broad daylight. Are you going to dap up that stranger for turning a blind eye?

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