She Roots For Your Rival Team

It was all good til you showed up wearing this to bed

Friendships have ended. Fights have gone down. Family dinners have been clouded with the awkward silence. Your team lost the big game and come Monday, it’s time to defend their sh!tty game play to…her?

Nowhere on the dating questionnaire did you ask, “hey by the way, what’s your favorite team?” Now you’re stuck like Groundhog Day. As a rabid Knicks/Yankees/Giants fan, I’ve dealt with enough slander to last a lifetime. I can handle the trash-talking from other guys. It’s part of being a man. But from a woman? -_-

Trust me, there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows sports. It does something to my soul when a woman can soundly make an argument for why she’s a fan of a specific team. It’s even more sexy when she says something like “our secondary is killing your offense” or “the defense read that audible”. But if she spouting these terms against my team, it’s almost like she’s cursing me out personally.

Of course rooting for a rival team isn’t a relationship deal-breaker. But it certainly will lead to some uneventful Sunday nights. The flip side to that is a woman can make it through a season with her guy and either A) accept defeat gracefully and B) talk shit until he cries, it reveals alot about her passion. Rather we admit it or not, men love women that are passionate about something real. And loyalty is a very underrated quality these days. So if you can ride the wave of your team for 4+ months and still hold your chin up, I gotta respect that.

Plus you can always make what would be a bitter rivalry with anyone fun by wagering a week’s worth of “extracurricular” activities or any other friendly bets.

Could you date someone who was a fan of your rival team? Are there any teams that are just undeniable deal-breakers?


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