Making The Most of Layers

The 1st day of fall was officially last week (9/23) and the weather here in New York definitely feels like it.

While perusing through GQ magazine on the train it dawned on me that from here on out, I’m going to have to step up my 2-shirt game. Summer is great because you can rock a plain v-neck or Polo with no regard for your pectoral protection. But when you go outside and can breathe sentences, you quickly realize it’s time to cover your neck.

I’ll admit, sometimes I spend too much on clothes. But here’s some affordable, multi-purpose looks that you should check out. Throw on a pair of boot cut jeans or tailored dress pants and you’re good money

The double-breasted look is coming why not a double-breasted cardigan

I’m a huge fan of Cavi. They’re very fashion-forward for men without looking gay overly meticulous. This cardigan can be paired with a plain v-neck or even a casual solid color dress shirt. On sale now for $35.99

Perfect for a casual date

This is an ideal option against the generic zip up sweater. If it’s a Thursday night happy hour meeting or taking your girl out for dinner and a movie, this Kenneth Cole front-button sweater allows you to be clean and casual, without lugging around your coat. On Amazon for $89.50

Your friend or foe, know which 1

The bomber jacket is like the step-brother of an only child. You love him sometimes because it means you have someone to be your partner in crime. Other times, you’re like “wtf are you doing here?!” 1st and foremost you have to have the right body type to rock a bomber jacket properly. Here it looks dope on J. Cole. But if you have the upper body of an OL, you’re gonna look retarded! The great thing about these jackets is that they can be much more eye-catching than a sweater. Wear at your own risk I suppose. This particular bomber is by Diesel and has a nearly $600 price tag. I’m sure you can find something cheaper in another retail store.

The overall purpose to a layered look for men is to never be over-dressed or under-dressed. With the outer layer as the main attraction, the shirt you put on under is actually what’ll tie the whole thing together.


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