Taking That 1st Big Trip for 2

There’s many “tests” that a new relationship will face. Meeting the parents, surviving the holidays, taking care of the other during a nasty bout of “bad chinese”, and even meeting the child from a prior relationship. Obviously those things don’t all happen in a specific time frame. They do however tend to reveal a great insight as to how you feel about each other, how you perceive the relationship, and what the next step will be.

I think 1 of the more subtle tests for any couple is the 1st big trip the 2 of you take alone. I don’t mean ya’ll both go to Superbowl weekend and meet up after the parties to smang. Or a quick trip Fri night-Sun afternoon to the nearest entertaining city. I’m talking about that 1st trip where it’s just you and that person, taking a flight somewhere for 3+ days and nights, with a hotel suite and money to blow.

And we can't get much closer to God than where we are...

Having been married already, I’ve taken plenty trips that tested my patience and drove me to fully take advantage of the all-inclusive perks. But at the same time, I can honestly say time away from home with my ex allowed me to see her from a different vantage point. I don’t know what it is about a different state or time zone that makes people act right. I would pick up on subtle things; she’d be more adventurous to try something new. She’d be more attentive to me as in was I having a good time, what activities did I want to do, and of course vacation sex was…! Yeah

I also acted different. I allowed myself to be more affectionate than I normally was. I opened up a little more and listened a little better or maybe that was the alcohol to show her I hadn’t  checked out on the marriage. Alas, when we would claim our baggages and return home, it’d be back to the same old song and dance.

I think the key to planning a great couples getaway is to proactively communicate 3 things:

1) How much can you afford to spend together?

2) What activities do you both wanna do?

3) How will romance play a part?

The Deal-Sealer

The 3rd part may be a little subjective or tougher to answer. I personally think it’s a bad idea to make your 1st getaway together be somewhere lavish and trendy. Everybody always chooses Jamaica or Bahamas or Cancun, because of the beautiful weather. That’s cool and all, but those are places you can take anybody too. It’s kinda cliche and not really creative. Your 1st trip together should be filled with newness and the opportunity to explore a level of untapped closeness.

Travelling provides such a unique experience for couples that have been dating for a year or married for 40 years. Have you had a great travel experience with your significant other? What’s your pick for a great city as a new couple? When you travel with your significant other, do you return home feeling “different”?


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