Michael Scott, The 1st Lady, and The White-out

I spent all of last spring watching The Office on Netflix. It took about 2 months to fully catch up to where the current season was. At 1st, I was kinda like “ok this show has its moments”. By mid season 2 though, it easily became 1 of my favorite shows to watch.

Over on the FB page, fans were heavily divided on the new season premiere. Steve Carell took a respectful exit and I’m glad to see him go. I think this was a great move on the show’s part. The tough thing about doing a comedy surrounding 1 character is eventually people will get tired of him/her. At some point, fans will get to the point where they know the joke (sans TWSS) and they see the set up before it’s fully complete. No fun in that! Personally, I think Dwight is a way funnier character than Michael Scott anyway. I don’t know much about James Spader (the new CEO, who replaced Kathy Bates since she has another show on NBC). I hope the writers handle the Robert California character on an as-needed basis. James Spader just doesn’t have that smart comedy type of vibe that’ll fit with the rest of the cast.

The “Nard Dog” was a perfect choice to be the manager! His goofiness and likeability is the same as Michael Scott’s. Plus I think Ed Helms will bring a more lively approach. Judging from the last season, I could kinda see how the writers were running out of funny stuff for Michael to say, which in turn made Steve Carell become lazy on the delivery.


I hate Extreme Makeover! But I just watched the new season premiere, because Michelle Obama was in the promos. Isn’t she awesome? While Barry takes a beatdown on the political front, Mrs. O is out there in the trenches, keeping good face with the voting public.

This week they built a new home for a woman who helps homeless female vets. I remember hearing about this story sometime last year when the other O was still doing her thing. The story of how these women come home to nothing but their dog tags was both heart-breaking and moving.


After I watched the BS Cowboys and Indians game, I gave the new show Pan Am a try. It seems like the networks are really going hard promoting these new shows. I don’t like the show itself. A positive note is it’s beautifully shot. Judging off the 1st episode, it has great potential. However, once again, there’s no black actors on ABC or any of the other networks. Even Taraji Henson got a snub in her show’s promos. It’s sad that the only black face we see on network television is the voice of a white guy.


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