Fashionably Fly: Time for Change

Fall is my favorite time of year. Not just because it’s football season and the weather is more manageable. But because a fall wardrobe offers the most options to keep your style on point.

Over the years, my style  has changed. I used to be a strict Polos and jeans kinda guy. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a little more brand conscious and more specific on how things actually look on me. I mean, nobody ever stops me on the street and asks “is that a Express shirt?”. Although there are 2 things that I’ll never cut corners on; watches and cologne.

Even if you’re a regular at Target, the right watch will make any dude look like his clothes put a dent his direct deposit. White is supposedly out for this time of year, however this Dolce & Gabbana watch can pull together a solid business-casual look

You can grab this at Macy's for less than $200


If you’re not bold enough to rock the white after Labor Day, then I suggest a classic #allblackeverything piece from Nixon (I have this watch myself and people always ask me about it)

Buy it directly from Nixon


As for cologne, to each his own. Most guys buy cologne based on a) how it smells and b) what a woman thinks of the smell. The last few years, I’ve stuck to 2 staple colognes. I’ll mention those next week

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