Why I’m a Twitter Convert

On Saturday while I was in the studio with some clients, we got into a discussion about Twitter. My clients are from Greece and they were raving about how they want to market their new project on the “Tweeter”. (how they say it is comedy!) They asked me did I have any stats about the number of Greek users. Sadly, I didn’t. Not because they’re unavailable, but because I haven’t fallen into the Twitter trap.


That has since changed. Overnight actually!

You see, I gave Twitter a try at the beginning of this year. That’s when the Beehive FM crew was poppin (Anh Vu, Live from Plutopia). Outside of the Ustream, the hosts would have questions and different topics throughout the day and drop their twitter names. So I decided, “alright cool, let me give this a try”. I tweeted maybe 60 times over the course of a few months. I don’t know what it is, but Twitter just didn’t seem as interactive as Facebook is. The whole concept of being clever or interesting enough for people to subjectively follow you just seems like too much work. On Facebook, I use it as a tool to network and discuss things with people that are on my same level. I tend to add people who went to Hofstra or surrounding schools and friends of a friend. Way more co-signage and validity than simply following someone.

But now I’m pro-Twitter. Over the past week, I realized by nature of its candor, Twitter is more of a hobby; as opposed to Facebook being like a part time job. People literally say the most asinine, hilarious, ignorant, thought-provoking comments in 140 characters. I’ve also observed people who make a brilliant point using only 140 characters. That’s a commendable feat!

For purposes that are more related to business and That 365 Life, I decided to get back on Twitter and make the most of it! So come stalk me @i_amjwood



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