The Price of the Chase

Any time I write something kinda heavy, I turned to my iPod to help me pick a prevailing theme. Today, Talib Kweli is my voice of inspiration

“Dreams shattered like broken glass
Press ignore it and your hopes get broken fast
You complain for the life you supposed to have
But when you try to make plans God is known to laugh”

Breakthrough or breakdown, time's tickin

Let me preface this by saying everybody has a chip on their shoulder about something. Maybe you had a rough childhood. Maybe you had parents that never cared enough to come to parent/teacher conferences. Maybe you fell in love and had your heart broken. Maybe someone close to you died after saying “I’ll see you later”. Whatever it is, we carry the load of our hardships. Our disappointments become internal battles caused by external forces. The collateral damage of this weight is we either let no one in or we habitually let the wrong people in.

It’s human nature to guard our most prized possession; the heart. But how do we protect ourselves from, well…ourselves?

You have 2 shoulders right? As a means to provide balance and stability to your body. So on 1 shoulder, you hold the weight of the world that you can’t control. But that other shoulder? It’s the weight of you! Self-doubt, self-pity, self-neglect, self-conciousness, self-esteem, selfishness. I can go on. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the anti-thesis of the weight on the other shoulder. Yet we often the miss the point that without it, success is elusive.

The origin of success is emulating someone that leads the life you wanna live without envy. (run that back) You don’t know what it took for that person to get to that point or what they had to endure. History isn’t supposed to be your story (see what I did there). The point is we set a goal based on external influences and internal interests. The marriage of those 2 factors allow you to figure out what path you’re supposed to be on and how to navigate to the finish line.

Find YOUR track and stay in your lane

So what is the price you have to pay to accomplish that? First and foremost you have to be honest with yourself. For example, you may be externally influenced to pursue med school. But if blood makes you queazy or you have a sensitive nose, then that path might not be for you. Truth be told, I hate the phrase “the sky is the limit”. We all have limits and areas that we’re just not good at, period. So why waste 4-5 years chasing something you’ll never catch?

Secondly, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people. That’s not to say that they all wanna do the same thing as you, but they should match your passion and focus. While you’re busy pursuing your notches of success, you should be able to look to your left and right and see people that are equally as motivated to win as you are. With genuine friendships when you win, everybody around you wins and vice versa. Your circle should be sources of light, not liabilities

And lastly, pray for direction. I’m not a bible guy, but I do know that God never promised us this life would be easy. Matter fact, He told us quite the opposite LOL Somewhere within you, you have to know that your destiny is both pre-planned and that of free will. I mean, why do you think rappers get so many chances?

The speed of your journey shouldn’t be your focus. Long lasting happiness and a lifetime of peace aren’t accomplished in a a year, maybe not even 5. But you have to know what you are chasing in order to actually catch it.


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