140 Proof

Since Wednesday is midweek, this’ll be the day I kinda decompress and keep an open forum. My thoughts are in the form of tweets

~ Speaking of, I hate trendy social networking sites, but I’m gonna try this Twitter thing again (@i_amjwood)

~ Now that football is back, we can go back to not giving .3333333 of a fuck about baseball right?

~ You haven’t lived until you’ve received 1 of these edible arrangements joints

Moms sent me a congrats from home...love that woman

~ Fuck Delta Airlines and Lamar Gentry

~ If you’re on Words w/ Friends, join me in procrastinating! thewlife79

~ You ever see somebody’s default, add them as a friend, look thru their albums, and delete them ASAP? Me neither

~ You ever add somebody and they like/comment on photos from 6+ months ago? -_-

~ Fall >>>>> the other 3 seasons

~ Dear Alicia Keys, you’re dumber than I thought if you think you’re different than Mashonda

~ I’m a Giants fan for life, but thank God I have Green Bay’s James Starks instead of Bradshaw in my fantasy league

Packers mopped the floor w/ N.O

What’s on your mind?


One comment

  1. I like fall by the way; not too hot, not too cold…just right! 🙂

    Alicia Keys knew what was gonna happen; same script, different cast…SMDH

    LMAO about you and Delta!

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