Welcome…Wipe Your Feet Off

For the past year, I’ve written semi-regularly for Examiner.com. I’ve primarily talked about my experiences in the world of dating, while using a general perspective. I read a variety of blogs daily that always leave me thinking. Some make me do serious introspection, which aids in my own writing. I’m not 1 of those guys that’ll camp out in the “comments” section of a post, pleading for complete strangers to agree with me or prove me wrong.

I used to live in Chicago, but Examiner won’t let me be great and change my city to New York! So I decided now is as good a time as ever to start my own blogging experience.

I chose the name “That 365 Life” because for the next year, I’m committed to doing a post a day. Even if it’s just a small blurb of 140 characters (stalk me on Twitter @i_amjwood), I’m gonna treat this as a personal project.

What I’ll talk about? Same as every guy — sex, sports, food, and women…although I’ll try not to come off like a chauvinist pig

See you on Monday Sept 12th for the official start!


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